Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Onward and upward...!

This little fella....
Just had his last day of school.
In 3 short days,
 he will graduate from high school, 
spend the summer relaxing
(and working part time) 
then in late August,
 head off to school.
He'll be 'down the road' from us,
 a mere 3 hour drive
 (in good weather).
I'm so proud of my little guy,
His mama's pride and joy
(aren't they all really?)
I pray for a smooth college experience as well as a happy future,
 doing something he enjoys.
We tell him,
 He's got the world on a string...
It's his oyster...
The sky's the limit...
But what we want most of all, 
Of course,
is for him to be happy.

I do find that I am near tears on a daily basis now.
He's the last little bird to fly from our nest.
We will worry about him,
 as we did his brother and sisters.

But God will watch over our little bird.
Be safe little friend



  1. Aw, it's a hard time for parents! We have seven kids and the last three are quite a bit younger than the oldest four (my stepkids). The oldest four were scattered all over the U.S. and I think we hoped the last three would stay close to us. My daughter lives just a few miles away, but the two boys live in Texas and Kentucky. The hard part is, they all left within a few months of each other. We went from a house full of laughter and fun, to a very quiet one. It was hard not to cry. Sometimes you just have to! How does anyone do it without faith that God will be with them? But they are all happy and pursuing lives they're excited about, and that makes me happy. :) (It's been about 5 years since they all flew the coop.)

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love having blog friends far away, and N. North Dakota qualifies :) I know how you feel about sending our dear children away to college. Your photo of your boy reminds me of my oldest. I cried and cried when he left home for college, usually when I was alone in the car. And it still hurts some to have him be far away. We really do have to trust them to God, don't we?


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