Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Onward and upward...!

This little fella....
Just had his last day of school.
In 3 short days,
 he will graduate from high school, 
spend the summer relaxing
(and working part time) 
then in late August,
 head off to school.
He'll be 'down the road' from us,
 a mere 3 hour drive
 (in good weather).
I'm so proud of my little guy,
His mama's pride and joy
(aren't they all really?)
I pray for a smooth college experience as well as a happy future,
 doing something he enjoys.
We tell him,
 He's got the world on a string...
It's his oyster...
The sky's the limit...
But what we want most of all, 
Of course,
is for him to be happy.

I do find that I am near tears on a daily basis now.
He's the last little bird to fly from our nest.
We will worry about him,
 as we did his brother and sisters.

But God will watch over our little bird.
Be safe little friend